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If you use it with any regularity, you'll have noticed that Google nowadays offers a new box on their search results page that provides the answer to questions put to it immediately, making it unnecessary for researchers to click on any of the listed results. What does this mean for you and your online visibility?

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Manual Google Penalty

What Are Google Manual Penalties?

Online traffic is essential for any online business. These businesses thereby aim to maintain high rankings with Google. However due to using various tricks, some business end up violating Google's guidelines and as a result, they are penalized.

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website redesign checklist

Not Sure You Need a Redesign? Check-List

If you run any kind of business in today’s world of technology, then one of the major aspects of your business’ success is having a good website. If you are still hanging onto a website you had built many years ago, then you are missing a lot new things happening or taking place in the modern world.
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plan for local backlinks

Easy Plan for Local Backlinks 

For you to get your brand out there in the internet to be seen, you will need some help from other websites to make it. The practice of getting other websites to share a link that drives it's visitors to your site is called backlink traffic. A backlink is built when an external website establishes a link that connects to your website. The backlink exists in various forms.

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