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Top Search Topics on Google in 2017

American online tech giant, Google, has just revealed its top trending topics in the just-ended year 2017. Among the most trending searches were everything from news and society topics to the most searched personalities, celebrity break-ups and even natural disasters. In fact, Hurricane Irma appeared as the #1 search term not only in the US but also across the world!

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4 Ways SEO Professionals Can Maximize Their Value to Clients

In the world of SEO, we as business owners rely on professionals to understand everything that's going on and so be able to keep us informed and up to date on all the issues that might affect us. It's a little like the responsibility financial professionals have towards their clients, although ours hasn't been taken to the levels they do.

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Happy Birthday Web! Here Are Today's 15 Most Influential Sites

Since the inception of the internet on December 20th, 1990, this year the world wide web or simply 'the web', will turn 27 years old. Almost 30 years ago, a British engineer, Tim Berners-Lee started running the very first website on the NeXT computer in Switzerland at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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2017 Local Ranking Factors

 Local SEO Guide in conjunction with the University of California, Places Scout and Irvine has released the results of their study in 2017 Local Ranking Factors results. The approach with which the study was carried out differs from the one that was conducted in Moz Local Ranking Factors survey. However, both were equally detailed in their assessment. 

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