Benefits of Using HTTPS with Google

Benefits of Using HTTPS with Google 

So, what is HTTPS and how does it help your website in Google? Now for the technical stuff:

Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is the use of a transport security layer for the web users, and sometimes it is called transport layer security (TLS). In addition, it protects the page users; for example, bloggers, who are, return to the web server.

Furthermore, https secures data from cyber theft and viruses by hackers or internet intruders. Likewise, it is a protocol, which permits and allows for the transmission of encrypted data switched between visitors and the website. Unapproved users are unable to access the information that is particularly essential when querying sensitive data like the passwords, bank accounts details and email addresses. By choosing to use HTTPS, it is like signing an agreement with the certificate developers to protect your data and sensitive information. In other words, safeguarding your secrets to other users. Google has adopted HTTPS that has raised about several benefits that include: 

Using HTTPS & Google

Referrer Data

The referral information and data is protected or secured once traffic is passed to an HTTPS. It blocks traffics unlike in HTTP sites where such case happens, and thus it is unprotected away thereby looking like though it is uninterrupted. 

Privacy and Security 

HTTPS increases safety on websites and SEO objectives in a number of ways: 

  • Prevents tampering by external intruders or third parties
  • Making the site protected for visitors.
  • Communications are encrypted comprising of, URLs that are protecting things such as credit card numbers and browsing history.
  • It confirms that the site is the one the server it is thought to be talking to. 

Increasing Ranking

This is evident because Google has been approved from a slight ranking boost in HTTPS sites. As other ranking signals, these would be quite hard to isolate because it brings about increased over time. 

Amp (Accelerated Mobile Page) 

Amp is an open source aiming to make the web page better for users. The idea behind is to help speed up HTTPS security use. Due to its flexible nature, it helps the users to switch from HTTPS with ease. 

Its speed enhances search engine in that the security of the web users is highly protected and with increased performance. In addition, amps help in maintain and improving the critical areas on the web page. 

Factors to Consider When Using HTTPS & Google

  • Providing the CSR; creating a "certificate-signing request" on the web page.
  • Selecting a web server software for generating the CSR to be used.
  • Selecting an algorithm one would prefer to use.
  • Provide a valid period for the certificate. 


Concisely, the idea of switching to HTTPS is important to Google. With all the benefits brought forward above, HTTPS is a secure system to use in websites when operating. Having security for users and individuals site is an important aspect in terms of making the switch. Moreover, HTTPS are not only the decent safety but also referrer information, data and other search engine optimization plans. Furthermore, it is important to note individuals are licensed to use certificates from the unrestricted number of web servers. It is also advantageous to work under companies, which are established on SSL connections because it is automatically generated when inputting information.


The non-technical takeaway: HTTPS is perfect to use on your website. It's great in ranking factors and protects not just your visitors but you yourself.