What Are Google Manual Penalties?

Manual Google PenaltyOnline traffic is essential for any online business. These businesses thereby aim to maintain high rankings with Google. However due to using various tricks, some business end up violating Google's guidelines and as a result, they are penalized.

By being penalized these businesses lose their high ranking. Google manual penalties involve an assessment by reviewers from Google who check whether a specific site is fulfilling guidelines that have been set out. If they find that a site has contravened these guidelines they will make manual changes to the site which will negatively affect the site's ranking. People who use Google may therefore not be able to find the website easily. This affects online traffic negatively. After finding that a website has contravened Google's policy, the reviewers will send a manual action notice and this will explain exactly what and where the error has been found. These violations include unnatural links to and from the website. Some companies hire Search engine optimization (SEO) experts who may suggest the use of link generating software that creates links that are unnatural. If reviewers get to realize this, the web page will suffer from a penalty and their google ranking will lower.

Other violations include:

  • spam generated content and pure spam meaning that a page contains a lot of spam and gibberish
  • a hacked website
  • spammy structured mark up
  • keyword stuffing (this refers to a situation where a page has used the keywords too many times in an attempt to achieve search engine optimization
  • having sneaky redirects
  • spammy freehosts
  • thin content
  • duplicated content
  • cloaking where the user may see one thing while the web crawler sees something else entirely

People often contest these penalties especially when it comes to thin content. This penalty usually involve pages that have no real no content containing only links to other sites or simply doorway pages which are used for spam indexing. They add certain phrases to redirect the user to certain pages when they use the search engine. Another reason for this error is some pages in websites that contain no real information for the user of the site. For these pages, one can decide to include content that is helpful to a user. It is important to ensure that this information is unique and relevant When it comes to link related penalties.

It is important to identify and categorize these links to determine which are of poor quality or those that are performing unnatural actions. Once this is done one should request removal of these links even though they may have to request repeatedly until it is done. One should thereafter deny any association with these links and request to be considered for reappraisal. If this works out the site may recover its rankings. One should make sure to remove the unnatural links that are hurting the site. Some links, however, can be very stubborn and one may be unable to remove them. This is the time to use Google's disavow tool to show that the site has no association with those links.

When requesting consideration for reappraisal it is important to get right to the point. Whats more is that one should accept the mistake they had made. However, a lot of justification should be avoided as this may counteract the admission of error. The tone of the message should also be professional and respectful and finally, it is important to state that the site has familiarized itself with Googles policies and does not intend to contravene them in any way in the future.

Cleaning up a site so that it can be able to contest a penalty is a very strenuous and time-consuming task. It can also be very frustrating if one is not very familiar with these things. It is advised as a result that one should get the right people for the job. With professionals, it is easier as they know what they are doing and they can get right to work. Some penalties often come from the fact that Google may have updated its guidelines. It is important as a result to constantly familiarize with these guidelines and abide by them as soon as possible. Laxity often results in penalties. Penalties, however, are not end of the world, by using the right people one can get back to track and regain their ranking