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8 Tips For Relevant Social Media Ads

It is no surprise that many businesses worldwide have embraced the different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to increase their brand awareness and widen consumers reach. However, not every company has had much success using this kind of marketing. Research has proven that many social media users, up to two thirds detest marketing promotions on their feeds, about 25% completely ignore product ads but up to 60% of them follow a certain brand.

So how do you ensure your brand stands out and becomes a darling to social media users? The more following you have the better sales you will make and consequently more money. Below are 8 tips to help make your social media ads profitable.


Every business brand must strive to be relevant in terms of the content they project to social media users. Consumers love to read about content that adds value to their whole social media experience. Because most social media users are interested in entertainment and keeping in touch, presenting catchy information alongside your brand advert such as an upcoming event or trend will draw a more receptive audience.

Be Practical

Many social media users would easily fall for a practical and committed brand. Take for example a company that supplies wheat flour. If they came up with different food recipes every day that can be prepared using wheat flour, they are likely to attract more customers and have more interactive feedback. Adding instructional videos too will go a long way in building customer interactions.


Being aware of every context in social media interactions is key for brand success. For example, users may depend on a certain personality to give them inspirational knowledge while the other for entertainment. This means that the person that gives inspiration knowledge is better suited to promote brands such as books while the other can effectively promote music and movies. This guarantees a receptive audience.


The most successful of brands engage well known personalities to help in promoting their products on social media. The logic is simple. A brand is trusted up to the degree of the person who shares it. If the person is credible, then the brand is deemed credible. Therefore, brands can use this knowledge to their benefit by hiring a trustworthy person to share their content. This can be arrived at from viewing customer feedback from the selected person’s posts.

Be Reachable

Users on social media interact and talk about brands that are reachable all the time. Strive to make your brand accessible by using different tools such as instant messaging. Answer customer questions and attend to all their demands. Sometimes this can be tiring especially when dealing with difficult consumers. However, constantly interacting with customers builds a relationship that will inform their purchasing decisions. Most consumers will recommend a brand to friends that they feel more connected to.


Every form of success requires patience. Well, social media marketing is not different. While success may take longer to come by, it is worth the wait in long haul. A brand should take every necessary step to improve their social media presence. This includes creating quality content laden with graphics, pictures and videos to make it more appealing. Research shows that up to 60% of users interact with content up to four times before making a move. This then requires perseverance and working without relenting.

Measure Progress

Some brands fail to invest into finding out how effective their social media advertising has been. Well this is wrong. As much as putting in proper effort is primary, it is also important to be able to account for every effort. Otherwise one will only be wasting their time and lack direction. By tasting the progress of a brand if any, will determine the next cause of action.


Brands that deem customer feedback as important are bound to gain more from social media marketing. For example, customers may be complaining about the quality of your products or some aspects that need to change. Responding to such complains can earn you a large following. After all success for every brand is meeting customer needs. Revenue always comes later.

Source: Marketing Land