Contract Signing

Pitfalls and Traps #2


Website projects are complex things and require a lot of time and task to complete. 

Pitfalls and Traps #2

In many cases when a local business hires a web designer to build their site, details such as links, colors and more complex functions are covered.  One of the last things considered is having it all covered on paper. 

 Imagine you just hired a designer to build a three thousand dollar website.  With a handshake, it is a done deal and they are off to build it.  Six weeks later you get a call back from your designer, your website is done and here is the address.  Upon inspection you realize you might have gotten less than you bargained for.  The colors are off, the logo is all wrong and the site looks like a freebie template you could find on Godaddy.  Something is not right.  You call the web designer back but they refuse to put more time in.  You both eventually wind up in court in a "I said - they said" argument that goes nowhere.   Verbal agreements and a handshake might sound easier but six weeks into a project details can be forgotten, expectations can be miles apart or something more serious could have happened- you might have been swindled.  If the designer does not have a contract, it is recommended to have one drafted by your lawyer.  Just make sure to get it all on paper and sign on the dotted line!