Pitfalls and Traps #5


So you have hired a web designer  and paid in full, in cash, to get the work started but with no contract in place (can you guess where this is headed?). 

Pitfalls and Traps #5

What could go wrong?  A week goes by, no updates.  Three weeks go by and nothing.  Before you know it, months have past and still no site or word from the design guy.  What could be taking so long?! You pickup your phone and shoot an email.  Nothing.  From this point on three things can happen:

  1. you reestablish contact and get the site back on track or your money back
  2. you reestablish contact but end up having to fight for your money back
  3. no contact can be reestablished and they are gone

It might not be best to pay in full up front but if you do, it is recommended a contract is in place. Buyer beware.