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Twitter SEO

Welcome again to another weekly blog post! Jeff Sunden here of Dunsen Design where we specialize in web design and online marketing. This week I'll be talking about how to generate more traffic from your Twitter account. Hopefully you will find the content useful and maybe shoot a little feedback. Without further delay, let's get started!

Choose Your Name Wisely

Use Your Real Name?

First things first, you need a name. The great thing though is it does not have to be your actual name here. Be creative and think of something keyword rich that relates to you. You have a 20 character limit so use sparingly. The other great part is that your "name" will be part of your profile's title tags and is highly searchable with Google.

Make that User Name Count

Like your name above, your username is also highly index-able and is located in the title tag on your profile page. This can be anything you want as long as it follows Twitter's 15 character count. It would probably be best to use at least one of your targeted keywords here. ;-)

Your Bio

Another great highly index-able area to implement those targeted keywords. Your bio can only be 160 characters with the first few words appearing in your Twitter description. This would also be a great place for a hook line. It would probably be best to use 1-2 keywords here.

Stay on Target

It's okay to have fun while you work but make sure you are getting done what you intend to do in the beginning. Stay on topic and use the targeted keywords for your advantage. Remember, your Twitter profile is just like your website, keep it focused on what you are wanting to achieve.

Lots of Links

Just like your website, you need lots of links going back to your Twitter profile when you can. Use strong keywords in your anchor text and tag yourself on well recognized sites to receive more authority  from search engines.

URL Back to Your Site

It is easy to get carried away talking about how you can get more traffic through your Twitter account so it is easy to overlook why we are doing this in the first place. To get more traffic to your site. Plug your web site in your profile page to convert searchers to visitors on your site.

Build Your Followers

Building a group of followers can be hard work and take time but hang in there, persistence is key. Each person following you means more internal links back to your profile and even that grand retweet from one of them. This is a great way to build recognition and compete with other Twitter topics of similar products or services. Go get 'em!

 Never Retweet!

Sorry, couldn't help myself here! Feel free to retweet tweets from others knowledgeable in your industry, this won't take any recognition away from you but show your knowledge comes from extremely reliable sources.

Hope this guide helps some of you with your traffic generation to your site. If you found this article helpful it would be great to hear some feedback!

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