Pitfalls and Traps #7

Hostage Taking and Hijacking

Harr!  How does one's own site become a hostage or be hijacked? 

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Pitfalls and Traps #6

Licensed and Proprietary Software

The devil is in the details.  Be sure to ask your web designer how much of the site (if any) is licensed under them and if any of it is proprietary.

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Pitfalls and Traps #5


So you have hired a web designer  and paid in full, in cash, to get the work started but with no contract in place (can you guess where this is headed?). 

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Pitfalls and Traps #4

Updates and Maintenance

Just like your PC or Mac, software updates and upgrades are a must if you want to keep your site more safe and secure.

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Pitfalls and Traps #3


If choose to host with a local web company, make sure you've got your back-end covered with a contract (oh contracts, here we go again...).

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Contract Signing

Pitfalls and Traps #2


Website projects are complex things and require a lot of time and task to complete. 

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