Analytic Feedback


Ask yourself... if you have a website, do you know how much traffic it's getting? Do you know how your visitors find you? If not, it might be worth to apply tracking to your site. Analytical tracking can paint a clear picture of how much traffic you are getting, visitor behavior and where visitors are spending most of their time. Don't leave it up to guessing, add tracking to your website today!


Who is your audience?  It pays to know who your audience is and to be able to improve your communications with them, right? This helps cater to your specific audience by giving them the information they want easier and faster. This in turn gives your website the upper hand for possible buyers in the marketplace.

The What

Know what kind of browsers, operating systems, screen resolution and settings they have? Analytics provide the 'what'. As-in, 'what' visitors have or what they are using to view your website.  How does this knowledge help?  It helps you cater to the devices and visiting time of your top visitors. This in turn helps you communicate with them easier and more efficiently. 


What are your peak traffic hours on your website?  Is it the lunch hour?  During work hours?  Or maybe some random time in the middle of the night. It's important to know when your site is at it's busiest so you can tailor visitor experience. Having the wrong content displaying during the wrong time of day can have detrimental impacts to your viewers. 

The Where

Where are your visitors coming from?  Are they from in town or miles away? We help pinpoint their location.  


Why are they on your site?  Are they looking for something very specific or are they researching to do future business?  Learn from what keywords they are using to find you. This can also help determine what products or services to promote heavier.

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