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At Dunsen Design, we know with a well designed website comes more leads who convert into new business. Simple as that. Believe it or not, your website can be beautiful, attractive, lead generation and easy for you to update. Using a type of software called 'content management system' you can access your website from just about any computer to make changes. No need to pay an expensive web company to update your site every time you add a new product or service or decide to hold an event- you have the control. Serving East Chicago, Indiana.

Design Process

Creating a website is an interactive process involving both sides. Building a site that really reflects your business, we involve you in the design and structuring of the project to ensure you have a website you love while we take care of the technical details.

Search Optimization

Now that your website is designed and structured, the worst thing to do is just let it sit around and look pretty–it needs to generate leads for you and help get those leads in touch with you. This is where your website begins working for you. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process of tweaking the content on your pages and the code you don't see called 'metas'.


We’re all about flexibility and trying to make the web design process as fun of an experience for you as possible. Now, there are two type of people out there though- those who love writing and those who don't. We’re happy to put your own copy into the website while offering tips on how to optimize your copy for search engines. Can't stand writing? No problem- our experienced copy writers can write the copy so you don't have to!


Take control of your website. Each web design project comes with standard training to put you in the driver's seat of your website. No more expensive updating by a web designer, you now have your hands on the wheel!

Stop wasting your time with an ugly, out-dated site or worse (*gasp*), no website at all! Let us help you make your presence on the Web as easy and approachable as possible.
Dunsen Design, an Indiana based web design company also offers graphic design, social media, and strategic marketing consultations.

Why Us?

- We build your site to generate leads right off your web page.
- You own it. No strings attached. Period.
- ROI. Our sites prove their worth time and time again.
- You control your own site.
- Your site comes optimized.
- Traffic to your site is guaranteed or we'll fit the bill for hosting.*

Lead generating.Traffic is guaranteed.Earn a ROI off your site.Earn a ROI off your site.






*Must be using one of our SEO Packages