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Dunsen Design- Indianapolis's SEO and internet marketing services and SEO consultant to help you reach the top of the pack. Do you know your website is the most critical element for successful online marketing? When customers come to your website, they should learn about your company, who you are, what you do. Your website must quick to navigate, and lead potential customers to your sales funnel. We then use white-hat SEO techniques to drive your website to the top. That is what Dunsen Design does. 

Why Dunsen?

- We build your site to generate leads right off your web page.
- Made in the USA.
- ROI. Our sites prove their worth time and time again.
- You control your own site.
- Your site comes optimized.
- Traffic to your site is guaranteed or we'll fit the bill for hosting.*

Earn a ROI off your site.Lead generating.Traffic is guaranteed.Earn a ROI off your site.



*Must be using one of our SEO Packages

Website Design

Appealing, eye-catching design and intuitive navigation enables customers to get the information they need quickly and easily. Once potential customers arrive to your site, read about your company, what do they need to do then?. How do you get their contact information to setup the next phase in the sales cycle? That's what we do. Serving Indianapolis, IN. Dunsen Design develops each website design from scratch tailored to your company.


Your brand identifies your company and separates you from your nearest competitor. It is powerful and its importance cannot be over-emphasized to stand out. At Dunsen Design, we think how best to relate your message to the world before making the first keystroke. We take time to learn about your business, your goals and long-term objectives. A strong branding message tells a story. That's what we do.

What Is SEO?

When most people think about SEO (search engine optimization), they automatically envision more traffic and more traffic means more potential customers which means more customers in the end. This can be the farthest thing from the truth. At Dunsen Design, we not only focus on what will get you traffic to your site but also what kind of traffic. We don't just optimize your site for traffic, we more specifically target the right kind of traffic that generates more potential leads to your business. Shouldn't every SEO project work this way? We do that. Talk with our SEO consultant today.


Did you know there are other forms of traffic generators outside of SEO for you website? Ever hear of drawing prospects to your site from your newspaper ad? Teaching future prospects how to easily find you in the future. That's what we do. Through strategic marketing, you can have search optimization work for you not just online but for your business card, brochure, mailing and even your signage.

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