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Local SEO For Greenwood, IN

Local SEO SEM (search engine marketing) has become a very important part of the way we design and optimize websites for the Greenwood, IN area. If you're an Indiana business owner and are unsure how your website can work as hard as you to generate business leads or pull it's own weight, we help by putting together a strategic plan. Have your site work for you twenty-four hours a day attracting visitors with SEO (search engine optimization), allow your content to be accessed quickly and before a potential customer leaves, get their vital contact information. Wish a website could do all of that? We make sure it does. Serving Greenwood, IN.

What Kind Of SEO Packages Do You Offer?

We offer two main web design packages to choose from. The first package consists of local SEO options. We first run a full diagnostic of your current rankings and optimization. We then create a list of improvements to be made to help with your local standings such as area backlinks, citations, domain research, competition analysis and website functionality.

The second package is more targeted for regional to national rankings. We approach it much in the same way but with a broader approach in mind. We also do extra competition analysis similar to the first package.  Contact us for more information today! 

How Much Will These Packages Cost?

Everything we do is custom when it comes to our SEO packages. Please contact us for more information.

Why Dunsen?

- We build your site to generate leads right off your web page.
- You own it. No strings attached.
- ROI. Our sites prove their worth time and time again.
- You control your own site.
- Your site comes optimized.
- Traffic to your site is guaranteed or we'll fit the bill for hosting.*

Earn a ROI off your site.Lead generating.Earn a ROI off your site.Traffic is guaranteed.



*Must be using one of our SEO Packages

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