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Most of us are aware that by having a SEO campaign running will help boost visitors/traffic to your website with the goal in mind to increase conversions. But do we actually realize how much change is happening on the SEO landscape that can turn your investment into toxic sludge almost overnight? If current trends are not followed, your online presence can suffer years from seeing the light of the first page on Google. 

Risk In The Changing Landscape

Change is inevitable and in the online world can be earth shattering for SEO campaigns. In the last few years Google, the world’s top search engine has undergone hundreds of updates that have altered the search landscape forever. For your business this can be equivalent to going from Main Street property to an underground dungeon. That is IF changes to your SEO campaign are not being met to adjust with the changing landscape. Can your business survive if your site were to disappear from Google tomorrow?

Weathering The Storm

Thankfully, there are precautions that can be met to reduce the impact of the changing landscape. By staying knowledgeable and proactive to current trends we can minimize the impact a sudden change can have on your website/business. With hundreds of changes happening (both known and unknown) such as Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird we can help put the pieces back quicker when the dust settles or have us conduct an SEO review where we can show you what your SEO consultant doesn’t want you to see. Do you know if you’re getting the best ongoing SEO for your buck? Let us show you.

Understanding the 25-75

By understanding the 25-75, we can quickly access where the brunt of the impact will or has happened to your campaign by looking at it's most important aspects first. When Google makes an impact 25% of the hit takes place on your website thru your optimized on-page content and meta tags. 75% takes place off-site typically thru back-linking, reviews and schema. By following this rule we can respond quicker and better maintain your standings online.


By utilizing a managed SEO campaign done right with white-hat tactics you can reap the benefits of being on top of the fold beating-out your competition online.  All it takes is a month of solid bad SEO to potentially bury your website for years to come. Don’t make that mistake, contact us today and we’ll show you too how to turn your online presence around.

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