Social Media Marketing

How would you like to communicate to each of your customers at the one-to-one level?  We know how. With social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc you can gain additional visibility and be personable with your customers and prospects. Don't have the spare time to? That is where we come in. We produce a flow of high quality content for your social media so you don't have to. Keep focus on where it should be- on your business. Let us handle the rest.

Social Solutions


Business Pages

Business Pages are typically used by companies to be interactive, relationship builders, to gain feedback and advertise using "viral marketing". Unlike a Profile page, a Business Page is integrated with Facebook's advertising system, offers analytic feedback, allows unlimited followers, unlimited applications and allows you to market as your business. 


Tweeting For Your Business

Another great way to stay in direct contact with your client base, gather feedback and offer your support.  Use "microbloging" to showoff your knowledge. This in turn makes you the knowledgable one in the community. Use this as a stepping stone over your competition.


Show A Moving Message

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Nearly as many people are searching videos as they are Google. Have your own page for visitors to 'subscribe' to. This easily shares future updates with them. We make the process seemless for you. Don't have any videos to share? We can help. DD offers video production services as well. 

Google Places

Finding your business

Google Places are a prime way for people in your community to find your business listed right on the map.  With address, hours, website and phone number listed. Additionally share pictures and customer reviews. 


Business Profile Page

Another way to professionally share your company's information, build a mass group of followers, strike up conversations and prove you are the leading professional in your field.  Additionally, LinkedIn Business Pages allow companies to post available jobs, new products, services and gives analytic feedback. 


A Rainbow Of Choices

Depending on what the end goal is, there are a plethora of social media avenues out there. Many not mentioned here (Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) provide avenues to your market. Please contact us today for more information to start building your social media presence.