Web Site Designs

Web Site Design & Development

Needing help getting that website up and running? Broken website? Need a custom solution? Not sure on price? DD specializes in removing the 'woes' of web site design and development. This allows you to focus on what's most important- your business. Let us handle the design, graphics, coding, software development, search-friendliness and hosting. It's what we do.

Online Branding

Is it important to have your web site share your message? How about your company's' identity? It's important for your branding to be unique and followed throughout your marketing platforms. Your web site is one of you most valuable marketing assets and should be seen as 'part of the family'. Whether you have an established brand or starting from scratch, we make sure your web design fits like a glove and communicates all about you.

Custom Solutions

Looking for a custom solution and not just an 'off the shelf' looking site with your logo stuck to it? We have you covered. At DD, we take no short cuts at producing you a one-of-a-kind site. We offer multiple avenues to achieve this. Whether it be rapid website customization or getting there thru multiple photoshop drafts, we design and build it with you. This doesn't just end with the layout and graphics, DD also produces custom functionality with state-of-the-art coding.


In need of a little more functionality outside of an already sleek design? We do that.

  • CMS: Content Management System. Be able to update your website anywhere yourself, even on your smartphone. Be everywhere.
  • SEO Friendly: Needing your site to play nice with major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for a large campaign? We know how.
  • Custom Functionality: Need something a little more out of the box with functionality? We will get you there.
  • Ecommerce: Needing to sell your products online? We can get them noticed.
  • Hosting & Security:  Have your website hosted safe on our cloud solutions. Security fit for a bank.
  • Mobile: Responsive design built-in to your website to fit every screen. We make them fit.
  • Post Launch Support: Modifications and custom updates. We're there for you.
  • Integration: Integrate third party software into your website seamlessly. We tie everything together.

Search Visibility

What good is the prettiest web site out there if no one can find it?  For best practice, we build-in search engine optimization (SEO) basics into almost every web production we do so your site not only visually "Wows!", it gets seen first. We make it happen.